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Spring time property fixes and pooch pampering


Controversial Right to Rent laws have begun

New Right to Rent laws started on 1 February for all landlords, following a trial last year. But they have been met with some pretty harsh criticism. At Outlet we want you to stay informed as a landlord, which means bringing you the latest information and views from the world of property. See if you agree with what's been said, below. And if the new immigration checks are one more piece of paperwork you'd rather not deal with, talk to us about property management services by calling 0203 733 6987

New smoke and carbon monoxide detector regulations


The rich stay rich with property according to this report

You can always rely on Outlet to bring you juicy info and articles on the state of the property market. Below we're sharing an interesting fact we discovered recently - the rich get richer with property. It's an interesting insight into how investing in houses or apartments can help build wealth. Take a look, and if you need any help managing that property or portfolio, don't forget to give Gary a call on 020 7287 4244.

5 reasons you'll love our new furniture service

When we spoke to landlords who have used Outlet for a recent video we made, every single one of them told us we make their lives easier. It's something we promise here and one of the reasons we launched a convenient, affordable and stylish new furniture range. Find out how it could make things more simple for you below. 

Outlet's first furniture range 


We're so excited about the launch of our brand new furniture range.

Not only do we now offer stylish furniture, interiors accessories and white goods, but every penny of commission Outlet makes is going to charity. Those aren't the only things that make Outlet furniture awesome. The service even includes assembly and the removal of old, unwanted items. It's all part of our ongoing mission to make property a piece of cake for our customers. Read more or shop the range, here. 

The Crossrail effect on property


We're always keeping an eye out for anything that might impact the property market, here at Outlet. Crossrail is going to be a major factor in property prices over the next decade, so in our latest article we examined what it means for property owners and residents in London. 

5 ways to be a better landlord


With rental demand so high in London, it can be easy to forget that tenants are actually customers. And like any business venture, if you keep your customers happy they will probably stick around. Keeping good tenants in your property can save you a fortune in costs, but you have to treat them right. Here's our advice, but if you'd rather we managed it all for you, do give us a call. 

6 secrets to help you sell faster


If you own a property, at some point you'll probably want to sell up and move on. We've cobbled together some of the best advice for selling quickly, with some tips on making your property as attractive as possible to a potential buyer. And as always, you can get a free valuation from us and personal advice on selling. So give me or one of the team a call on 0203 603 6874 when you're ready to make your move. 

Superstar selling - how we get the job done


Buying or selling a property can be difficult and time-consuming. It's even harder if you're in another country, which is exactly what happened to our loyal customer, Mark. You can read about how our superstar sales manager Javier helped him in the article below and also find out how we can make your next property sale less stressful and more successful. 

How would a mansion tax work?


A mansion tax could be imminent depending on the result of the general election. But what does it actually mean for property owners? We took a closer look at what Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg have proposed and how it could affect Londoners and those in the South East. 

How we helped a bakery set up shop


As one of my personal contacts, you probably already know what we do here at Outlet. Our work is all about providing property services, with a smile. But plenty of people don't know we can help with commercial lettings, like we did for Granier Bakeries in North London recently. So if you need any kind of property help, whether it's for sales, lettings, a business or a shop, give us a shout. 

4 property fixes you can do now winter's over


As you know there's more for a landlord to consider than just collecting rent. Property maintenance is an important part of letting a place to a tenant. Have a read of our latest article on springtime fixes. And don't forget if you don't currently have a property manager, it's something that we can take off your hands. 

Time between tenants is shorter than ever


It's really important that landlords not only get paid on time by their tenants, but that any period between someone moving out and moving in is kept to a minimum. That's why our latest news article is great if you rent out a property. Have a read below to find out why time between tenants appears to be at its lowest ever. 

The Election Effect - what it means for property


There are so many external factors that can make a difference to the property market. The economy is obviously the biggest risk factor when it comes to prices, but a looming general election can also mean changes in buying and selling habits. Below, we analyse how May's polling day might have an impact. 

2015 property prices - the story so far


Naturally, property owners and landlords often wonder; when is the right time to buy or sell? After all, it can mean a boost of profit if you sell up and move on when prices are at a peak. So what's been happening so far this year in the market? Our review below shows some promising stats for the first two months of 2015.

Dog etiquette and Christian Grey's apartment


We know there are plenty of dog lovers here in London, which is why we thought we'd clear up a few things in our latest blog on dog etiquette. Find out how you (and your pooch) should behave next time you're in the park. Oh and we couldn't have a lifestyle website and not tell you how to re-create the '50 Shades of Grey' look in your own flat, minus the views of Seattle, sorry. 

Is your property advertising up to the job?


We help landlords with every last detail when it comes to their search for a tenant. That even includes how to write the most effective advert for attracting potential tenants. In our latest article we provide some tips. But if you need any more help finding or looking after tenants for a property, we'll take the weight off your shoulders. Just call us on 0203 603 8480 to find out more. 

Strong rental growth for 9 out of 12 regions


A new report shows a number of areas surveyed in the UK have seen growth in the rental market, with London doing especially well. Even if your area isn't included, it's a good sign of things to come and a positive development for landlords. We're seeing plenty of people looking out for good rented homes at Outlet, so give us a call if you'd like us to help you find a tenant or manage a property.

January highlights from our Better Living site


We have always been known for making things nice and easy for our customers here. So in true Outlet fashion, we've compiled a handy selection of interesting and entertaining nuggets from January as featured on our Better Living website. Enjoy! 

Price watch - is now the time to buy or let?


We pay close attention to the way the property market is going. At the start of any year it always leads us to wonder what the 12 months ahead will mean for prices, whether you rent or own a home. Read on for our predictions and don't forget we're here to guide you through the process, no matter what property move you decide to make. 

House price growth hits decade high


If you're in the business of letting out properties for profit, you'll be interested in our latest article on the growth of the market. It seems despite a slow recovery from recession, there's still money to be made for those who invest wisely. If you're looking to take advantage of a spike in prices and sell up, give us a call on 0203 773 4608 for a free valuation. 

2014 highlights from Better Living


This year saw the launch of Better Living, Outlet's very own property and lifestyle website. As you're a landlord, we hope you've found the information, secrets, and stories we share useful when managing your property portfolio. If you haven't found the time yet, maybe you'll get a chance to put your feet up and browse the articles over the Christmas break. Scroll down for a few highlights. And from all of us here, have a prosperous 2015. 

Your pension - is property enough?


As a landlord, you’ll know there can be financial ups and downs when it comes to investing in property. Keeping an eye on prices and knowing when to make the right moves are important if you want to make a profit, and especially crucial if you plan to use your property as a retirement fund. It’s a common strategy for those who know how but there are dangers associated with ditching the usual pension pot in favour of bricks and mortar. Read on for our article on the subject.



Handy landlord knowledge for lets with pets


Saying no to tenants with pets has been a common response from landlords for years. But it can mean that perfectly responsible people (and their pooch) are being overlooked. At Outlet we believe that just because a tenant comes with a dog, cat, budgie... doesn't mean they'll be problematic, which is why we're championing 'Lets with Pets'. Read on for advice on how you can let a property to someone with a pet properly. 

Is my tash worth some cash?


Although Outlet is a business, I believe we have a responsibility to use any means possible to support and promote good causes. That's why I have an unusual amount of facial hair right now. Along with David Bray, a Home Finder at Outlet, I am growing a tash to help raise money and awareness for men's health. If you think my efforts are worth a quid or two (or few), I'd be so grateful for a donation. Just click on the article below. Thanks!

The growing areas beyond Zone 2


I've been working and running a business here in London for longer than I'd like to admit, so I've seen it change a bit over the years. As the population grows and prices push people further from the centre of the city there have been massive improvements to areas beyond Zones 1 and 2. That's great news for people who love this city but can't quite stretch to Soho prices. And it's also why we've used our insider property knowledge to find some of the areas that you might like to consider next time you move. 

Is a mortgage price war on the way?


We understand that you face a few challenges as a landlord. The rules and regulations you must adhere to, not to mention the time it can take just managing tenants day to day. That's why it's nice to get some good news once in a while. This week we've included a promising story about mortgage rates, in case you need to adjust your current loan or want to expand your property portfolio. And don't forget we offer a whole host of financial services here at Outlet. 

What this business is really all about


A while ago I started to realise that we do more than just find, rent or sell properties here at Outlet. 'Property' is a business, that's for sure. But it's also about your path in life - where you are now and where you want to be in the future. That's why we launched Better Living this week. It's our new website with articles on homes, decorating and design, money matters, things going on in your area and plenty of other entertaining and enlightening stuff. I hope it shows you we're willing to put our money where our mouth is when it comes to helping our customers live life to the full. Because ultimately, that's why we do what we do.  

New tenant home-working rights & what it means for landlords


There's never a dull moment renting out a property. If it's not organising boiler checks it's fixing a dodgy tap or planning a schedule of paint jobs. And that's before we get started on late rent payments. So if you don't already use Outlet to manage your property portfolio, think about how nice it would be to hand your To Do list over to us. We make sure you're kept in the loop with what's going on at your properties and that we keep up-to-speed on changes in the market.

Essential info for owning a property with a partner


Buying a home with someone you love is a really exciting thing to do. You probably envisage a long and happy future together, but you should still take precautions so that if anything goes wrong your personal investment in the property is safe. Below you'll find help on that issue as well as (equally important you could argue) how to host the most amazing barbecue - perfect for a housewarming party. If you do decide to either buy or sell your property, we can help. Give us a call today - we're offering no obligation valuations absolutely free. Bye for now. 

The landlord's pre-holiday checklist


Holiday season is well and truly here. But that doesn't mean work comes to a grinding halt at Outlet (well, unless someone buys us ice creams). We're busy managing properties for landlords so that they can do something far more interesting - like jetting off to far-flung places without a care in the world. Wherever you're spending it, we hope you're having an amazing summer. 

Is your cash safe in London property?


It's my job to keep an eye on movements in the property market and I am particularly interested in what's happening in London. Papers and journalists are abuzz with negativity about the current 'bubble'. So although I don't have a crystal ball and can't predict changes in prices or interest rates, I thought why not look at some of the reasons investing in property in the capital will be a wise move over the next few years? 

A look at the London market & mega mansions


Whether your property is in London or Lancashire, the impact of the capital's property prices can have a ripple effect on us all. That's why, in this month's email, we look at the reasons the city's market will remain strong in the coming years. It's also the reason we keep a close eye on what's going on here - putting us in the best possible position to provide excellent property services. 

The life-changing kitchen speed clean (you're welcome)


Always cleaning up your kitchen just when your favourite TV show starts? In this month's newsletter we've included a strategy for getting the job done in a flash - there really is no end to our talents when it comes to property expertise. I've also written an article on the current state of the buy-to-let market that I thought I'd share. Happy reading!

The great buy-to-let comeback


In this month's newsletter we're giving you the chance to win £100 in John Lewis vouchers simply by answering our quick survey - we'd be really grateful for your help. Also, whether you have one property or a whole portfolio, it's good to keep on top of movements in the market. So we thought we'd share two articles - one on the state of affairs with buy-to-let and another on the stats relating to Help to Buy. 

Lights... camera... action!

I like to think we're pretty innovative at Outlet. We were quick off the mark with high-tech websites and social media, plus we created 'flat dating', where people could find the property or tenant of their dreams over a glass of wine. And now we've launched our own You Tube channel, where you can see more of our available properties. It's all part of our borderline-obsessive desire to make our customers' property search as simple as possible. And before you ask, I won't be making a return to the small screen - I'll leave the fantastic properties to do the talking.

Signs your current tenant is a keeper

You've probably heard the news that mortgage applications will be subject to a thorough examination of your personal and financial situation from now on. To help, our money man David Liddle has one simple strategy to share with you in this month's email. We've also included the pros and cons of a new-build buy-to-let in case it's something you're considering. And, of course, there are some nautical home furnishings thrown in as well. Because who doesn't love stripes?

Signs your current tenant is a keeper

You've probably heard the news that mortgage applications will be subject to a thorough examination of your personal and financial situation from now on. To help, our money man David Liddle has one simple strategy to share with you in this month's email. We've also included the pros and cons of a new-build buy-to-let in case it's something you're considering. And, of course, there are some nautical home furnishings thrown in as well. Because who doesn't love stripes?

Apps for interiors and Mariah's house

I hope you had a great Easter break. I was working for most of the weekend (can you hear the violins?) as we're really busy at Outlet right now. Maybe it's the sunnier weather or maybe it's the 7% rise in mortgages taken out last month, but whatever the reason for the market starting to move, it's good news for us all. Don't forget if you need help with anything property related, we're here to help. But for the time being, enjoy the second of our new informative and light-hearted emails, put together especially for you.

Rookie landlord mistakes & frugal furnishings

The costs of being a landlord can really add up can't they? That's why we just had to share news of Asda's affordable Home furniture range with you. Also featured in our second email created especially for you, there are plenty more amazingly useful tips to help you be better (and maybe even more profitable) at property.

Check out our swish new emails

I thought I'd say a quick hello using our brand new, all singing, all dancing, fancy pants email system. Hope you like it. We've spent months working on newsletters and emails that provide friends like you and customers with really useful information about being a landlord, a tenant, buying, selling or just making life at home more lovely. It would be great to hear your feedback on the things you'd like to read about. Also, if you want to sign up for regular stuff or change the information you do get, just use the preferences link at the bottom. But for now, enjoy!

Commuter hot spots & your post-winter To Do list

We know that being a landlord can be a tough job. Even if you use an agent to manage your properties and tenants, there is still plenty that falls under your own remit, such as rules and regulations to keep up to date with and maintenance to keep on top of. Cue Outlet and our new monthly collection of rather useful landlord stuff.

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